Review of ChineseClass101

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What is ChineseClass101? ChineseClass101 is a language learning podcast series founded by in 2009 as an offshoot of JapanesePod101. Like JapanesePod101 their primary form of instruction is with podcastsl however they also have video lessons, dialogue only audio, as well as accompanying pdfs for their lessons. Their library continues to grow by the season and […]

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Learning a Foreign Language: 2 Pitfalls to Watch Out For


If you’ve finally decided to take that first step(Kudos to you, because most never get that far), you still have to be on the lookout for things that can hold you back from making any real progress. There’s two big pitfalls waiting for you on the road to learning a foreign language. And they come […]

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What You Need to Begin Learning a Language

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Image by Johan Klovsjö Once you have chosen a language that you want to pursue you just need a direction to go. And to choose that direction there’s honestly only 3 things you need to really get started. Motivation, a framework, and a course. 1. Belief Ok, I lied. You need four things. Belief is what […]

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Review of LingQ


What is LingQ? LingQ is a language learning product along with a language learning community. It was founded by Steve Kaufmann (His youtube account can be found here). Steve Kaufmann is a lifelong language learner and a seasoned polyglot. He’s also one of the older language learning enthusiasts on the language learning scene. Steve Kaufmann […]

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Learning Language is a Habit


One thing the beginning language learners don’t account for when starting a new language is that it’s a lifelong pursuit. That’s not to say that you’re going to forever be tied down trying to constantly learning language however it will take regular, consistent effort to gain any type of traction. So with this post I’m […]

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Review of Language Mastery

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What is Language Mastery? Language Mastery: Master Japanese is a 400-page ebook put together by John Fotheringham. John Fotheringham is a linguist as well a regular joe and entrepreneur. He put together this book in order to equip older language learners with the tools to learn Japanese. Buying the guide full package opens access to […]

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Review of JapanesePod101


What is JapanesePod101? JapanesePod101 is a language learning podcast series founded by in 2005 Peter Galante. It’s main form of teaching is through their podcast; however over time more content has been added.  They’ve also started to add video lessons into the mix. This new content ranges from stripped down versions of the lessons that […]

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